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Thread: Your First Opinions on FroYo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davyes View Post
    Just some quick first impressions:

    Installed last night. Using Go Launcher and Go SMS.

    [b]Caveats and Warnings:

    • All old SMS messages disappeared.
    • If you are going to use Bluetooth voice dial you will need to install a library (Voice input & Output / Text-to speech settings / Install voice data). The dialog will display a message about this when you try to use your bluetooth's action button

    [b]Problem Apps:

    • Google Maps: FC. Reinstall, no problems afterward thus far.
    • Last.FM: FC. Reinstall, no problems afterward thus far.
    • GO SMS: Various problems, no problems afterward thus far.

    [b]New Apps:

    • News & Weather (with a widget)
    • 3G Hotspot

    [b]Noticed changes:

    • Lock screen displays missed calls, unread msgs (not sure what notifications will display here)
    • Skin on dialer/contact is dark brushed metal
    • background behind contact is gradient green when calling
    • In-call dial-pad now has letters! flat look.
    • App switcher (long press home key) is no longer in a grey dialog. Apps are now displayed in a border-less black overlay.
    • When phone is fully charged lock screen displays a message (Can't remember what is says at the moment...)
    • Gallery, I was able to "spread" my pictures in each album apart. Not sure the practical use for it. (I can't remember where I read about what this is for. I will revisit this post when I remember locate the reason.)

    [b]Stuff I like:

    • Hands-free dialing.
    • Install to SD
    • Chrome to Phone!

    [b]Stuff I'm not too crazy about:

    • Yet more stuff I'm not going to be able to delete.
    • SMS notification on lockscreen does not seem to disappear until I go into the stock messaging app.

    Overall, I'm liking it. I haven't noticed a great speed improvement. (Go Launcher seems slower, but it might need to cache the SD card apps, dunno).

    I will probably wait until this summer to root it so I can get rid over Verizon's stuff.

    I noticed you said, also others have said, that with 2.2 the lock screen now displays missed calls & unread messages and also says something different when phone is fully chrged. Well, I received the 2.2 update OTA last night & I have not seen any of that. When my lock screen is on, it behaving like the 2.1 version still. When I have a missed call or unread message, it still just tells me in the notification bar, exactly the way it did before the update. And when it finished charging, it didntt say anything different except "charged" real small just like it did in 2.1.

    Am I missing something here?

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    Same here nicolette, nothing on lock screen except in the notification bar like before and I do have the black sliders...updated from LG site

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    OK, now I am not liking this update. Other than the ability to store apps on my SD Card, I have nothing but issues.

    A couple I have already mentioned and could live with them if that is all that was wrong (Lag being the most annoying).

    But since I upgraded, I can not run Navigator. It just says it is looking for a signal and after a few minutes shuts off. At first, I figured it was due to the winter storm we were having. However, today it is sunny and clear.

    The odd thing is if I go into the regular maps it finds me right away.

    I updated to the latest version from the market.

    I think I will need to do a second Factory Reset to see if things don't get better.
    Motorola Droid 4

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    At first the update was great, but now I'm growing annoyed. I'm experiencing some serious, serious lag time. And when I close an app (any app), the app icons on my home screens aren't there. I have to open the market and look at my downloads before they reappear on my homescreens. Sometimes it takes several minutes for them to reappear. And sometimes, I touch one app, and another one opens. My messaging app would open up amazon for a whole day, even after restarting the phone twice.

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    Seemed great at first, but now it's Very buggy. LG didn't test this before releasing it. I cant receive SMS messages anymore without rebooting the phone and SMS messages always fail to send now. I'm also seeing a lot more overall lag and force closes. Not good. Random apps don't load and random things don't work or lag out.

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    Same here on the lag. Using ADW launcher. When coming out of facebook or the browser, it takes about 5 seconds sometimes for my icons to show up. I also have quick system info pro and it is always showing high CPU usage.

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    Oh, and battery life?

    It now sucks....

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    Glockman, you got that right! My battery life was cut in half or more with 2.2. The only benefit I see in 2.2 is moving apps to the SD. More negatives than positives the way I see it. I would go back to 2.1 if I could.

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    I got my OTA late last nite and so far it has been ok. I definitely am not having a lot of the issues that people are saying they are having in this forum.

    I definitely saw a huge performance boost. Especially in the Browser & games that I have downloaded from the Market. I have both Angry Birds & Papaya Farm. Both of those games lagged really bad before the update. Now, they both run so smooth. No lag whatsoever. Its like playing a whole new game. I love it.

    I also really like how the colors, when using the phone or contacts, has changed. It looks much nicer now. I also noticed some differences when editing a contact which I really like.

    I was able to move 4 of my apps to my SD Card, which is awesome, because 2 of those apps were taking up a lot of space on my phone. I now have 64 MB of internal phone memory. Huge improvement.

    @ Ally Android, after I read your post about the navigator I tried it myself & had the same issue. When I click on navigation (the blue triangle) it opens, searches for my location & then closes everytime. So, I went into Maps & used the navigation from there & it worked just fine. Not sure why it doesn't work using just Navigation anymore.

    One thing, like I said in my earlier post, that I have heard people talk about that I haven't seen on my phone is the lock screen displaying missed calls & texts. Mine is not doing that. I'm wondering if that is because I use the lock screen where I have to connect the dots to open my phone. I havent tried it the other way yet. But I will.

    One thing I don't like, is that while there seems to be a huge boost in performance for Browser & games, it does get a bit laggy at times. Not often, but enough to irritate me. Lol. Like in Email, Gmail or Browser, sometimes I will click on something such as delete or post & it does not respond as If I never touched the button. I have to wait a minute for it to finally respond to what I just clicked on or sometimes I have to click it again. Very annoying, thank goodness it doesn't happen too often.

    Also, I really like that I can use the on screen keyboard now. I stopped using it, and only would use the slide out keyboard because the on screen one lagged so bad I couldn't text as fast as I wanted to. Now, it is much better.

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    Man, I feel pretty lucky. I just opened Navigation and while the GPS took a minute to find me as it always does while I'm in my house, it did find it nad started the vocal navigation instructions. I do remember having to download TTS after the upgrade. Can you try to update again, Ally?

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