When I had 2.1 I had finally gotten my battery life pretty good in comparison to some I read about on the board. Then I loaded 2.2 off the LG site. Loading went fine but my phone started having glitches that I did not have before. On top of all that, my battery was sinking like the Titanic. After changing a lot of things I think I have finally got a very functional phone with much improved battery life. Some of the things I have done have been discussed by others, some maybe not. If it will help anyone with the same problems here is a list of things I did:

1. I exported all my contacts to my SD and backed up my SD on the computer

2. I did a factory reset (twice really)

3. I formatted the SD

4. I copied all my files from the computer back to the SD. I did not replace the factory directories created by the format with the ones I copied to the computer. I thought maybe the reformatting was specific to 2.2 and not 2.1 and the new directories were necessary. I imported my contacts from the SD.

5. The only apps I reinstalled are Advanced Task Killer and Battery Solo Widget

6. I eliminated all the shortcut keys

7. I turned off auto sync

8. My screen brightness is at its lowest

9. Nothing is turned on i.e. wifi, gps, etc.

10. I keep my phone on 1x instead of 3g since I really don't need it most of the time. I will switch if I use internet, gps, etc. I think it burns battery looking for a 3g connection in a weak area.

11. In running services, I only stop Skype. I found that by stopping some of the other services it screwed up my phone by not receiving calls, making calls, phone pad freezing, etc.

12. I am using the LG theme just because I like it. I don't think this matters unless you use an animated theme which may use more juice.

I am not saying the above steps will fix your phone but it sure improved mine. A few days ago I would take it off charge and be down about 10% in two hours with no use. This morning it has been off charge for two hours and I am still at 100%. My time without signal is 70%, but I really don't think this matters. I think I will load apps one at a time and see what affects the operation/battery.

Hope this helps some of you with issues!