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Thread: Shame on You

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    Shame on You

    If you are a newbie and are told to go to xda with your questions and problems, you will be wasting your time.
    Xda even say it's not for newbies and don't ask newbie questions.
    Xda is for developers only.
    Even my question "where can I find a list of ROMs that are compatible with Optimus T", which I thought was an intelligent question, has gone unanswered. The question didn't have enough tech-talk substance.
    That place is a jungle of advanced computer geeks.
    We don't belong there.

    And often times, questions we post here, a friendly place (I thought), are too technical for these people so we get sent there.
    We newbies are trying to learn from these guys, but they don't want to be bothered sometimes. It's easier to send us and our problems on our way to the mean streets of xda if they don't have the answer on the top of their heads and might require a little research for us. They want to get on to a topic that they would enjoy talking about more, like new products coming out. I don't care about that; I care about the product I already have. Those topics ought to be weeded out and in a section of their own, in my opinion.

    Of course, there are some exceptions. Some of you guys have been great, and I thank you.

    I speak these words out of frustration. I have been trying to get help with installing a custom ROM for more than a week with no answers. I've asked a multitude of questions on this with few results.
    I've filled up my new sd card twice (2gigs) downloading, flashing, back-ups, re-booting, etc, using Clockworkmod and Megatron.
    I end up where I started.
    I guess Megatron doesn't work on Optimus T (but supposedly it does on Optimus one, basically the same phone).
    I've got probably 40 hours working on this project.
    Sure, it's not a necessary thing. I just want to learn how.
    (one thing I'll say about this phone is that it is obviously un-brickable).

    Anyway, no question here. I don't think being persistent is gaining me any brownie points. The more I push, the more my questions go unanswered. Thank-you to you guys that have taken the time to help me. I really appreciate it.
    And to those that know I need ROM help and chose to ignore me when you have the answer, shame on you.

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    Same goes for Android Central. They aren't very nice when it comes to us noobs. Try posting a topic about recovery loss and you will get arrogant answers from people who claim to know it all. This was the reason why I came here. Hopefully we all can learn without the drama!

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    You guys need to understand that this forum and it's sister forums are owned by Forum Foundries and staffed by unpaid volunteers who are enthusiasts who enjoy helping others. The time they can allot to covering this or other forums is strictly up to them. Sometimes the real world interferes, and they can't get over here due to work, or family issues.

    Another thing to consider is knowledge and skill - not all staff are equally skilled. Speaking for myself, I am nobody's idea of a technician - I have a user's knowledge of the particular android phones that I've owned, and that's it. Usually, I welcome a new member and advise them that I can't personally help them, because I don't know the answer. That is in no way an indication of indifference or lack of concern, it's just the truth.

    As to recommending XDA Developers Forum for the answer, well they are the best developers period but they do have a problem with noobs. Anyone I refer to them I do so because those guys at XDA really DO have the knowledge, but they also have egos the size of a Nebraska cornfield and some of them can get really nasty, really quick. That being said, I always warn someone I refer to XDA to read the rather long and tedious set of rules for that forum then read them a second and third time until they understand them perfectly, and only post questions in the designated Q&A area and never, EVER post a question in a developers forum. to do so is an invitation to getting flamed in a big way. If you play by their rules, and are courteous to them, you gain access to the finest minds in the field. If you don't want to do that, you simply deprive yourself of their knowledge and skills. Your choice.

    Last point - if you don't have an answer to your problem in a reasonable time frame it most probably a case of the member or staff person who does know how to repair your phone hasn't seen the problem yet. That's a good reason to be particularly careful that you post your request for help in the correct place. It's not a good idea to list a problem with a boot loop in New Member Introductions - that's the place for saying hi, not getting technical help. By placing the request in the proper area, you can increase the likelihood of getting an answer in a timely fashion.
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    In addition to what UltraDroid says, I found it interesting that I would never have been able to pose a question at XDA, because I couldn't even register on the site. The reason given was totally unacceptable. While one might be able to find a lot of answers by researching and reading previous postings, it certainly is not possible to get an answer to a more specific question when you can't even register on the site! I don't bother much with that site and wouldn't recommend a person to it without warning them that they might not be allowed to ask their questions. Mods/Admins and other users typically offer assistance here according to their ability to be of help. One couldn't expect more.
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    Excellent point Ultra & cali! :thumbup:
    @ Titanman....if you do a simple search on Google or Youtube, you'll ALWAYS find step by step instructions on how to root/rom your particular device. The reason your question probably went unanswered here, was because there more than likely wasn't a member here who has enough experience rooting/romming your particular device. Sorry to hear about your frustrations, but there are answers to your questions all over the net. Personally, I've never relied on just one site for all my rooting questions.
    Good luck!

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