Hey everyone, new to the site and all that. I recently got the phone and I was able to root it with OneClick 1.9.5. Partially, anyway, I got all kinds of weird errors like "USB Device not recognized" all over the place, before and after root. I tried another laptop and it gave me more of the same grief. I am able to install root apps, etc. Check Root, for instance tells me I have root, but then says one directory doesn't exist and the other says "permission denied."

I tried to use tethering via Wireless tether (I had a rooted droid 1 I loved) but it would look like it would initialize the program, but then it would not connect to anyone trying to connect in. Further more, I tried to use the wifi today at work with it and attempting to start it would just come up "error".. and refuse to engage. As in, I would get to the screen to set it and that's what would already be there.

I have been reading that there some of these with messed up WIFI cards internally, etc... I can use it fine over 4g, get my SD card to read on the Win7 PC, etc... so my thought is did the root somehow change something related to wifi? i don't have wifi at my house... I did titanium backup to freeze some of the bloatware.. the phone is damn fast, even more so without the bloatware..

I am tempted to just use titanium to unfreeze and do a hard restore. I dont' care about losing root at the moment as I am concerned I have a faulty phone based on the errors I've read on others... but since I managed to get a root with a wonky USB connection... what gives? a permission not quite right?

Can I do a hard reset without bricking the phone? I've read I can reset and not lose root... which must mean it comes out okay in the end. yeah? My other thought was to try it on a XP machine to unroot. Thoughts?

I need some advice... I do have the Best Buy Warranty thing.