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    Motorola Atrix Review

    Here's one of the first hand's on review of the Motorola Atrix from CES:

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    I really want the Artix and a considering giving up my iPhone for it. The phone looks great!!

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    I'm sooo glad I changed from my iphone, and left it in the dust.

    If the iphone had better specs (proccessor and RAM) and all the jailbreak apps out of the box it would be the same as this phone.

    Update 5 days later - The battery runs down while listening to music about the same as the iphone. If the phone is in my pocket most of the day such as with work days the battery is barely touched. I use advanced task killer to limit loss. I'm still dissapointed in the keyboard for texting. The swype keyboard is so so after 6 days of practice (it's fast, just not accurate) and big buttons is so so, but I think I need to play with the settings. I just like Mac's keyboard after a couple years of use. The android keyboards so far are just annoying.

    1.) Way faster than my iphone, but not as fast as I had hoped. I have thought from time to time, why am I waiting for this to load, but no more than the reviews on youtube,CNET comparisons, etc, of the games shown at load up. Things do have to load I guess

    2.)ONE OF THE BIGGEST, I had to jailbreak my iphone to get all I wanted. Everything is stock and easy with android. toggle buttons like sbsettings, apps are better with android, tethering with pdanet, app brain for memory clearing, multi tasking with more than 2 apps is easy, etc. It's way better out of the box which makes warranty better in the long run with possible bricking with jailbreaking; I had to restore my iphone 5 times in about a year do to stalling on a screen during multitasking.
    3.) Battery life actually is better than my iphone. the auto brightness and backlight toggle app work great. The battery goes quick if you run live-facebook etc.
    4.) swipe keyboard makes up for the inadequate stock keyboard. The iphone knows what buttons you will hit next and and makes them bigger without you knowing so typing is better on the iphone, but swipe keyboard is better overall once you learn.
    5.) Finger print reader is a bit annoying to hit every time to unlock the phone, but it makes sense
    6.) Free voice navigation with Google Nav is better than iphone's XGPS and cheaper than AT&T's app
    7.) TV shows app is free, and iphone needs cydia or hulu plus at a cost for TV.
    8.) The speed and RAM is a can't miss above iphone. I was also looking at the epic and a few others on different networks but this was easiest and fastest.
    9.) I didn't even try to look into the laptop part for it, but I have three already at home. If you needed a phone like this and need a cheap laptop for papers of something this would work as an accessory.
    10.) Oh, yeah!!!! you can get insurance again with non apple products, fully covered for water, loss, etc. I totally forgot about that. With the iphone I bought 3 extras after the first; 1st was just too slow with the 3g so had to upgrade once I started jailbreaking, 2nd swam with me in a pool, stepped on another, FL downpour of rain through my pocket on 4th. Apple made a bunch of money from me, but now I will only buy androids after a week of this phone.
    11.) It's integrated in so many ways between email etc; I keep saying to my wife, "hey hun check this out." I mean come on apple, I can log in and track a stolen phone without jailbreaking or without spending 30 minutes to set it up. Just log into my google account and look for it! Yeah, yeah google could trace you, just as at&t can, but who cares, iphone allows the same thing every time you click ok to "allow ___ app to use your location."
    12.) I am impressed, it looks like a lot of the sideloaded (jailbreaking for android) programs from earlier versions of android where stock with the new version, kudos guys, you listen to what people want! I looked up all the top ten apps for andoid or rotted android phones and they wree apps I already had stock without rooting/sideloading aka jailbreaking. IPhone doesn't do it because the hardware is not fast enough to do this (iphone 4 only has 256ram and iphone 5 in May will probably be 512, atrix is 1000), thus you have to restore when you use backgrounder on a iphone to run multiple apps at once and it stalls on you especially when running pandora. The atrix with android solves all these problems and wasted time jailbreaking and using cydia which doesn't even have user reviews yet.

    I could have sold my iphones to pay for early deactivation, signed up with another company and had 4 new phones on a faster network. I was offered some discounts which along with the time it would have saved me, made it worth it at the moment to stay with AT&T. No matter what you say it's slower until you upgrade speeds in my area to real 4G speeds (Tampa/ Clearwater) Iphone is loosing possible sales because they limit their options and don't listen to users vs android. You have the same problem. Be the first to have unlimited 4g without a wallet raping, that is if you are really that good of a company and free text messaging without a data plan, texts cost AT&T nothing! Don't be Microsoft or apple.... Companies like HP are moving to a Linux OS (ubuntu is heaven) and apple is too stubborn and the competition has exceeded them now. Good luck on full network upgrade in May; be revolutionary, not expected! Once the discounts run out I still have no reason to stay with AT&T based on what I assume you will do with your new network/prices.

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    Having gotten my Atrix one week ago today, and rooted it on Friday, I must say that this is truly a super phone and, hands down, my *favorite* android phone.

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