Why do people always say moptoblur sucks

This is a discussion on Why do people always say moptoblur sucks within the Motorola Atrix forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; I am a security consultant, and I have a slightly different perspective. It's not a harmless add-on, it's part of the operating system. To start ...

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Thread: Why do people always say moptoblur sucks

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    I am a security consultant, and I have a slightly different perspective. It's not a harmless add-on, it's part of the operating system.
    To start with, Motoblur isn't always included in the name of the phone - and it should be because you can't use the phone without it. People should know what they're getting and when you get Motoblur, you get Motorola as well. You should know that. Next, as pointed out, Motoblur registration creates an account on Motorola's servers. And when you create that account, you give Motorola some private, non-published personal information about yourself. Continuing, Motoblur registration requires that you give it information about your social networking activities - Facebook, Twitter, email and other accounts. That software then stores that information in Motorola-controlled databases. The thing is, while that's sold as 'backup', the Motorola privacy policies and other parts of the agreement DO NOT COVER SECURITY OVER YOUR INFORMATION in these databases. Technically, Motorola can use YOUR information for its own purposes! Next, consider the amount of resources that Motoblur uses. I talk with people that have it installed on some current phone models, but turned way down or off, and they're burning through 20Mb without a sweat, plus the time on the Internet, which can be considerable. Yes, it slows down the phone, but more importantly, Motorola is using your plan data and minutes on a variable basis without any control from you. If you're willing to give up your personal data and your privacy, then don't worry about it. However, think about this: because Motorola's privacy policy does not keep them from using your data for their purposes, you've exposed all of your social contacts to data mining by them. Maybe they'll use that information to send marketing stuff to your friends, maybe they'll monitor your email, maybe.... They can do anything they want to. Finally, worry about the integrity and reliability of the Motorola link and their servers. If Motoblur can't do its thing when it wants to, your phone could seize up and not function because of the priority the app has with the Android OS.

    So - whose phone is it - yours or Motorola's?

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    Nice try. I see that you've cross posted this same thing in another thread here. If you didn't realize that the Bravo includes Motoblur that is your own fault. However... you are not required to create an account, nor are you required to supply them with the information to your social networking sites. Does Motoblur include those functions? Sure. You aren't forced to use them however.

    Take your conspiracy theory, FUD elsewhere please.

    Oh... and please stop cross posting, though I doubt that we'll hear anything else from you.
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