It's probably obvious that I'm new with Android devices, and I don't have any experience in Apple world either.

But right now I am trying to use Tango (video calling app equivalent of iphone's Facetime) and it's bugging the crap out of me. It's pulling in contacts that I have no idea how it got. That led me to look in my Atrix Contacts list. I know for a fact, that some of these contacts were deleted off my email accounts and facebook, and even out of my old Blackberry's address book. A few numbers were ONLY on my Blackberry. BTW, my Blackberry Curve did not have a SIM card (ported my number from BoostMobile on Sprint network). But somehow these contacts are in my Atrix contacts list.

AT&T customer support said that it's just a simple sync setting under Accounts. I'm just not so sure about that one lady... these numbers that are now in my Atrix were NOT on facebook nor in my gmail contacts backup. How did this happen? Could the Atrix sync with BlackBerry RIM network contacts backup?

Thanks in advance for the help in understanding.