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This is a discussion on Motorola Fast Charge USB Hack within the Motorola Backflip Development & Hacking forums, part of the Motorola Backflip category; T here is a difference between the charging rate when you plug the handset via USB into a computer versus plugging it into the wall. ...

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Thread: Motorola Fast Charge USB Hack

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    Motorola Fast Charge USB Hack

    There is a difference between the charging rate when you plug the handset via USB into a computer versus plugging it into the wall. The reason for this is that the USB specification says that a device may pull a maximum current of 500ma on a single USB channel. This is why some USB hard drives come with a dual cable, so you can plug it into two USB ports for more power.

    If you plug the handset into a computer's USB port, it is limited by this fact. If you plug it into a wall charger, it can then charge much faster, due to the larger amount of current being delivered.

    My goal was to figure out the difference between the two charging pinouts, so I broke out my trusty continuity checker and discovered that the two middle pins (D+ and D-) are shorted on the wall-charger! So, I took my car cigarette-lighter-to-USB charger and cracked it open, and soldered the two data pins together on the circuit board. As expected, when I plugged my Backflip into that, it vibrated and then started charging. When I unplugged it, it gave me the "Be sure and unplug your wall charger to save energy! " message. Neato!

    NOTICE: DO NOT EVER plug a D+/D- shorted cable into a computer's USB port!! If you're lucky enough not to fry the Host Controller from the shorted data pins, the >500ma current draw may well do it. This hack should ONLY be applied to "dummy" USB setups, where NO data link is involved. YMMV!


    PS: I'm still hacking away at this Backflip. As soon as I find any way to get into it, believe me, I will let you all know!!

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