connected to barnacle with no problems with my laptop running ubuntu linux 10.04.

seanathon: if you followed mojohn's instructions correctly, opened the barnacle program and pressed start and saw that the log started okay (its on the main barnacle screen) with no errors (they show up in red) and saw the request for root access from superuser, then I believe the barnacle wifi is working just fine on your fone.

also note, sometimes using programs that require root/superuser lag during its root request process. I find killing all apps (i've been using fast reboot free lately, as opposed to atk or advanced task manager) helps. If you're still not seeing your app get its request for root from super user in a timely manner (especially for the first time when its creating the rule) try opening up superuser then pressing the home button and open the root app (barnacle) you want, so the superuser app should be in current/accessible/less delayed memory (thats my guess anyway).

some wireless chipsets suck on laptops. I think I have the atheros 5004eg and it works fine, but some of the actual intel branded wifi chipsets work horribly in windows (you know what i mean if you have the intel wifi manager in the system tray, and have to switch back and forth between it and the windows wifi manager). if this is the case for you (it is for my wife) you might need to try another wireless adapter for your laptop.. (note: my barnacle connection from my fone to my wife's laptop worked great with the intel wifi manager in windows. wouldn't work with the windows one though). poor drivers written for your computer's wifi adapter may account for your wireless woes.

note about barnacle wifi delay; if you experience delay in traffic while using your connection you may want to simply leave the barnacle app open/fone on (and in the traffic tab). I find this helps reduce my lags, though I also have my fones power settings in smart mode which could possibly be responsible for my data timeouts.