For root access? I've done abit of poking but keep getting how to root(different for each device) but not what is needed to actually gain root.

I'm fairly new to linux(woot 2 systems in house running it and I've not blown em up) and new to android.

That said I can't not tweak with my phone and want to work towards or help root it. Furthest I've gotten in to the background is fastboot to security enabled and a partially(it appears) booted recovery mode from the boot loader. I've got a compiled 1.5 build on my comp to try and open a terminal when I try fastboot again, but I don't guess it matters unless there is a way past the security inplace.

Anyway if there is anything I can test or any resources you guys know of that explain what we might need to gain root let me know I'm more than happy to help.