Help?! My backflip keeps restarting. :(

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Thread: Help?! My backflip keeps restarting. :(

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    Help?! My backflip keeps restarting. :(

    I've had my phone for about six months with no problems. I updated a few months back thinking 2.1 would be fun, I don't even remember where I got the file now. I added it to my SD card, did the restart, it installed, and bam, I had it. As soon as I updated I noticed this problem..

    It restarts often, but not randomly. When I start up my phone I have to let it sit still and can't use it for about 5 minutes. If I try to use it for anything it will restart again. After the 5 minute wait, the longer I wait to use it the more things I can actually do with it. I can only use the camera for about 5-6 picture before it restarts. I can only browse maybe one or two websites before it restarts. Phonecalls function properly, and most apps will work fine. I've been dealing with the restarts for months, really need it fixed now. I use it for texting and calling, those features don't screw up. But I'm tired of not being able to use my other features.

    My system version/info is: Blur_Version.3.0.1390.MB300.ATT.en.US
    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Basehand version: 76XXC-63805040-SDCBALUM
    Kernel version: 2.6.29 hvjr@ca25rhe82 #1
    APflex version: GAS_NA_MTUSEATT_P007
    Build number: ERD79

    I did a factory reset with power+camera button, ect, ect. It didn't work. In fact it didn't wipe my SD card, just my settings on 2.1. All my files/numbers are saved. Everyone says I can't reinstall 1.5, and if my version information is correct, what can I do? Is this a normal 2.1 problem? Do I just have to deal with this stupidness?

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    I believe you have installed the official Motorola 2.1 upgrade. You are correct in that you can't easily go back to 1.5. If you continue to have issues you could look into installing a custom ROM such as Preclair which may be more stable for you.
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    Make sure that you are not tight on space on your SD card. Also check the free internal phone memory. At 90-100 meg free, I have no random reboots. At 85 meg free internal memory, maybe once a week it reboots itself. Same issue with the wife's Backflip - low on space on SD card, low on internal memory equals frequent spontaneous random reboots and slowdowns .

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