I've had my motorola backflip for almost a year now and it seems that for almost the entire time I've had it I've had problems with the pictures, specifically viewing them.

Whenever I take a picture it takes fine and looks good, but a few hours later or a day later I go back to look at it and there's just an icon of a palm tree which must be the icon for something not there or corrupted? It doesn't happen to all my pictures but the majority of them. It's truly very annoying and would like a solution to this. I have a 2gb micro SD card that seems to be formatted correctly but would I need to reformat it and how would I go about doing that?

Also, when I plugged it into a computer to try and see if I could view the pictures from the computer all the pictures corrupted or not there on the backflip were also "un-viewable" on the computer.

Any and all information would be helpful, thank you.