Followed the directions in the first post, everything was a success. No problems at all, but I'm unable to get past the ATT LOGO (Sound cuts off abruptly)!


Somehow I got stuck in infinite bootloop flashing Cyanogen 6.1 , not sure how, did everything properly, and now I used this ROM recovery, followed all exact steps and for some reason when it boots, it'll get stuck at the ATT globe, the sound cuts off, I let it sit there for a while and nothing happened. I figured it was the radio, but I didn't want to risk bricking my phone and flashing the wrong radio, so I thought I chose the "safe" return to stock option of the 2.1 OEM Flash, which went through successfully, but just curious as to why it never ended up working as far as getting past the ATT screen.

I am located in the USA using a US phone. It was stock 1.5 firmware, unable to confirm versions/numbers because well..yeah. lol.

Someone help, please.

I'm able to access all the stock recovery functions, bootloaders, etc. I wonder if anyone can help me to flash j_r0dd's recovery image using adb command somehow using what I have available? Anyone able to walk me through this? hit me up on google chat...