Backflip Sabotaged?

This is a discussion on Backflip Sabotaged? within the Motorola Backflip forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; I am actually very confused as to why they didn't use the same processor that the Droid or Devour uses. (are they the same processor??) ...

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Thread: Backflip Sabotaged?

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    I am actually very confused as to why they didn't use the same processor that the Droid or Devour uses. (are they the same processor??) Either way they are both faster than the backflip. I think everyone is confused and scratching their heads as to why the processor is so last year. Maybe to save money, make cheaper, less power consumption, maybe the processor is smaller so phone can be smaller maybe (highly doubt this one). I'm thinking maybe the design had something to do with it. Maybe they'll come out with a next gen backflip. Who knows. Maybe someone out there has a better understanding??

    Think I am leaning towards a next generation Nexus for my next phone. Wanted one this time around but I didn't have the money and I actually liked what this one had to offer and my other phone was on its last limb.

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    Everyone keeps complaining about the processor, but I don't see what the issue is. Also, later releases of Android are reported to actually have speed INCREASES with older processors. And I think you hit it right on the head as to why this has the smaller processor....cheaper...less power consumption....

    I bought the phone outright, and paid $349 for it. I can't see paying another $200 or more for some other version of Android...aka...Nexus 1 or others, just for the faster processor and updated OS. They will upgrade this phone, as they will upgrade others currently running 1.5 Android.

    For me, it meets my needs and does so economically. And that, I think, is the point of using a slower processor. Think of Netbooks.....Atom they can still run an OS (Windows, Linux) and just about any application. Slower...yes...cheaper...yes...still perform the tasks of an OS...definitely. It's all about economics.

    The real question is whether YOU need higher performance, and more flashy functionality for what YOU need the phone to do for YOU.

    Personally, I don't use the Motoblur functionality, which I believe does task the processor more. It is constantly updating everything you throw at it, and that does consume system resources. Without it, the phone is great for me, and beats my last phone (Nokia N95) handily in just about every way (camera was better on N95). I also don't use any "push" services for email and such, but rather have things set to update every 15 minutes during my peak usage times. I also have the battery manager set to "Battery Saver Mode". Those things alone seem to make my phone fairly snappy to use, and give me well over 24 hours of battery life. Right now, I have been easily going almost 48 hours on the existing battery with short duration phone calls, reading emails as they come in, playing around on the Android Market Place, reading some news. I don't have GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth or location based services running all the time. I only activate them as needed.

    With all that, I'm quite happy with how this device is working for ME. Is it a powerful, blazing CPU device? Nope, but it does what I want it to do. I honestly can't give myself any reason to believe that something more powerful would benefit me in some way to justify another $200 or more of my dollars. But that's just MY opinion. Yours will vary.......

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