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Thread: Returned my Backflip...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsatyr View Post
    keeping mine too... mainly keyboard ... first smart phone so not missing anything and can not afford to change..... has some quirks but not enough to make me want to take it back.
    It's my first smartphone as well, but if the call quality is crappy for me, it does warrant a replacement or something. I mean of all things that should be good about a cell phone is that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowm3fox View Post
    mine is going back as well this is my second one first one had some major glitching issues. Picking up a BB 9700. I think they released it too soon
    Please elaborate on your major glitching issues so the rest of us can be informed.

    Quote Originally Posted by C2k View Post
    Ive had my phone for about a week now and I think its amazing. Mine has had no major issues at all. Im coming from the blackjack 2 on WM 6.1, i was an awesome phone, but the android os makes WM look like nothing. Ive played with IPhones before, and theyre nice, but they are too mainstream for me.

    This phone is hands down one of the most innovative phones Ive ever seen. What other phones have a track-pad, a similar keyboard, any social networking features that even start to compare with motoblur(besides phones that have motoblur), and features like the tabletop mode and the dim screen while on a call? And yeah, its android 1.5, but so what? It works fine, and Im sure there will be an update in the future.

    And everyone keeps complaining about how yahoo is the default search. Get open search! It takes up less room on the screen, its overall better. And about lag, any smart phone can lag with too many things running in the background. The phone runs fine for me, its a phone, not a computer.
    I agree that this phone is a breath of fresh air in a sea of Android phones on the market. There are other Android phones that are faster, sure, but even though it is not a computer it is nice to have a phone that can keep up.

    Yahoo search is very annoying along with the "ATT Music" labeled music player. I installed the google search by voice and was pleased that it added a voice search button to the browser as well. I have opensearch too, but it does not work with the keyboard search button. The whole idea behind an open source OS is the ability to customize it to our tastes, and it is annoying when the phone comes from the store being locked down. Why can't we uninstall the preloaded bloatware? And why can't we install apps that are not on android market without having to resort to using the USB cable and ADK?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
    Call quality for me is great.
    I think call quality is good too, although it did take me a couple minutes to get used to the "sounds like I'm in a tunnel" earpeice.

    Quote Originally Posted by C2k View Post
    Its actually funny you ask about call quality, just today were the first signs of any issue. Network errors with full service, and having to restart my phone to receive text messages. I had very very similar issues with my blackjack 2 when it first came out, all ATT told me was that it was a network issue with the new phone. It was fixed within a couple days... but as far as call quality, awesome! Speakerphone works really well too. And I have that clear case for it, doesn't cause me any issues at all.
    I have the same case and have used my phone with and without the case to make calls and I do not notice a difference or have gotten any negative feedback as far as call quality is concerned. What I do not like about the case is the puddle of water effect it gets when the middle of the screen cover sticks right on to the touchscreen.


    I may return my Backflip also though. Not because I don't like it or not even because it is slow, but because the phone I have really been wanting is finally coming to AT&T- the Palm Pre Plus.

    I have a thread about my considerations for getting the Pre Plus vs this phone here:

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