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Sorry to keep repeating this but, I solved my battery issues by disabling Google Sync. I am still using MotoBlur and I'm getting my email through hosted Exchange (Corporate Email). I am able to use my device from 7am to 12/1am and I still have about 15% battery. With Google Sync I was lucky to get 8 hours.
I sync my e-mail, contacts and calendar with google. I get a day and a half out of my battery.

Your phone seldom connects with Google to sync these things, only when there is a change in one of them.

I would bet that under Location & Compass "Use Wireless Networks" uses much more. To even turn on using wireless networks for location you have to agree to let Google collect data whether aps are using it or not.

To me this is a lot more Orwellian than anything Motorola or AT&T have done to 'lock down' the phone.