You thought ATT did the backflip wrong?

This is a discussion on You thought ATT did the backflip wrong? within the Motorola Backflip forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; Originally Posted by tae_254 Truth be told. At&t can care less if you buy a phone from them or not. They don't make there money ...

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Thread: You thought ATT did the backflip wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tae_254 View Post
    Truth be told. At&t can care less if you buy a phone from them or not. They don't make there money off the phones but the features that you pay for. At&t has great service and they know this, this is why they think they can do whatever they want and put whatever they want on there phones. Don't get me wrong, I dont knock you for going to the nexus one, one bit, just trying to give you an insight of how At&t looks at things.

    The only thing I care about is their service. Which is why I never cared to want to leave. Which is why I don't care to buy phones that are AT&T Branded. Which is why I'm returning this phone to get an unbranded phone to appreciate the functionality. And to be honest, what good are the service if you can't have a phone to appreciate the service. I really don't think they did alot of damage to the backflip to be honest, but if they are the last one to say how 2.1 is going to be on the Backflip, I'll pass.

    I mean Cliq and and Backflip are pretty much identical and their functions, and yet Cliq has a scheduled 2.1 update and Backflip still doesn't. Sorry if I find that odd.

    Like I say, I don't hate AT&T in any fashion or form. I been with them for almost 10 years and wouldn't leave for anything. But as long as they continue they practice on how they operate on great functioning phones, I won't be buying them.

    One last rant. If AT&T and Apple ties continue to stay as strong as it is, Android will never have chance. Especially after Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple's board.

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    While I don't know when or if the 2.1 Android upgrade will ever come to the Backflip, I cannot believe that any future version available for the phone would remove and/or otherwise cripple what features the phone has today, or when it was released. That would be some form of theft in my opinion. I paid the $349 price out of pocket, so I OWN the phone, not AT&T. Yes, I chose to buy what they offered, including the knowledge that they had removed Google search, and added their own crap applications. I'm OK with that. But, if they were to knowingly cripple the phones functionality in the future, by removing features it has today.....well....again...that amounts to theft. So, I don't think that will happen. But then today's world...anything is possible.

    It's the same type of issue when Amazon removed books from peoples Kindle due to some censorship...or whatever they called it. It was wrong, plain and simple, and they got burned for it.

    I still have till this weekend to decide whether I'm staying with the Backflip or not.

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    Is that kind of like Sony removing the "Install Other OS" option from pre-slim PS3 consoles in the upcoming firmware update on Thursday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmgib View Post
    Is that kind of like Sony removing the "Install Other OS" option from pre-slim PS3 consoles in the upcoming firmware update on Thursday?
    I'm glad you brought that up because that was what I was referring to when hoping ATT won't pull a stunt like this with there next android firmware update.

    I have 9 lockerz invites if interested PM me.

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    Check out the article linked in the first post, it has been updated:

    Update: We've just been contacted by an AT&T spokesperson and told on no uncertain terms that the final version of the Aero will definitely have the Android Market, so that's a relief -- and it also means we should be able to get our hands on Maps, even if the firmware doesn't include it.

    Update 2: We've also had Dell reach out to us, who adds that "since the Dell Aero is not generally available, this is not representative of the final product." Seems like the software deficiencies here have riled up carrier and manufacturer alike, which is probably a good thing.

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    Yeah - Guys, I wouldn't Flip Out (forgive the pun) as THAT thing isn't even OUT yet. They PROBABLY didn't want to show it at CTIA as it's beta, and didn't want to get hammered, which they did after backdooring a preview...

    I dunno - let's see.

    I emailed subject line "FB BACKFLIP" as directed on other boards on Saturday, and received a call yesterday. Wife took it, as I'm out of the country, but I basically DRILLED them for the nicks on the Flip (closed market, Yahoo'd, 2.1, etc..) and they basically said that they had received an OVERWHELMING amount of criticism and will address it in a future release.

    My advice, is if you HAVE NOT emailed them at the above, with THAT subject line, do so ASAP - they're getting hammered, and hopefully we will get a good result.

    Myself, I've had the Flip for near 48 hours, and am pleased. So far, non-market limit hasn't hit me, 'course I haven't googled for external apps
    And as for the Yahoo vs Google, that hasn't really bothered me so far. I leave dolphin in the background running, with a tab to google.

    Bootleg, but it gets the job done, for now.

    Hopefully they fix these stupidities, and roll in 2.1, and this thing will be nice.


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