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This is a discussion on Battery tip? within the Motorola Backflip forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; Personally, I do pretty well with the battery life in my backflip. There are times when I decide to put it on charge, either by ...

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Thread: Battery tip?

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    Personally, I do pretty well with the battery life in my backflip. There are times when I decide to put it on charge, either by connecting it to a PCs USB port or by connecting it to a wall outlet, depending on my circumstances at the time. But I don't consider that a 'problem'. It's convenient for me.

    If I wanted to push it, I could easily get more than a full days work out of it without charging and that's all I really want. I'm good with charging it at night when I'm sleeping.

    But that's just me. I'm personally also good with not needing instant access to a handfull of email accounts and constantly checking on the status of several hundred very close friends on facebook or twitter. Your personal mileage may vary in that regard.

    Whenever I power off my phone and power it back on, I run my task killer app and kill all the apps that I've not marked as exceptions. Basically, it kills everything except un-killable system apps and my email app which actually does go out and check for new email every 15 minutes, although I really think that might be overkill in terms of 'staying in touch'. Doing that I usually end the day with around 40% battery left, or so. I can live with that.

    And while on the subject of batteries, I decided to go out on the internet and see what I could find on the proper care and treatment of lithium ion batteries, which is what we have in our backflip phones. Here's one of the best links I ran across How to prolong lithium-based batteries for general battery information from an informed source.

    Basically, it boils down to don't let the phone battery get too low before recharging it. They don't need to be drained every now and then and given a full charge. They're happier maintaining a more or less constant higher charge than a huge total drain and charge routine.

    The idea that draining the battery all the way and doing a recharge from '0' to 100% is good training for your battery applied to older battery technologies. Not for the battery that's in your phone today. Actually, your car batter doesn't like that sort of treatment, either.

    BTW, it's interesting to note that your laptop battery will last much longer if you don't run it plugged in to house current all the time. The best thing for your laptop's lithium ion battery would be to charge it up, remove it from the laptop, and run the laptop only with house current for a week or two or three before charging up the battery again.

    In other words, keep the battery charged above 50% or so and only use it in the laptop when you're mobile. I might try that since I mostly use my laptop at my desk at home, anyway.

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    Not sure what happened over night but when I woke up this morning the phone was dead, it's last act was the wake up alarm going of at 6:10am. It was charged close to full when I went to bet around 11:30 , laid phone on nightstand and it was dead. I am thinking that a bunch of apps were running or something?....if I power the phone of will that disable the alarm?

    I should add that it's charging now and turns on.......

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    I don't see why it would disable the alarm but if its ringing then yes. Even if it disables it just enable it again.

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    seems i get mixed results as well. overall i must say though im not happy with the battery life which could be a problem on long trips.

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