If you’re having a problem pairing with your Ford Sync, here’s a solution.
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snoboy58@yahoo.com, on 11 March 2010 - 12:28 PM, said:
“I'm trying to pair my Droid to our Edge but every time I begin typing the pass into the Droid the phone says a problem is occuring and won't let me finish entering the pass. Should I be looking for an answer here or on the Droid website? Any help would be appreciated.”


"There's been a lot of discussion on this on www.syncmyride.com Owner-to-Owner forum. You need to type the password very quickly on the Droid before it times out. Using the hard keyboard helps to give more time and type faster."

"Some have found it's easier to start the pairing from the Droid, and then discover it on the SYNC menu."


"Are you trying to pair with Sync? I am assuming that you are. On a different forum I saw that you can type the password "0000" instead of the number that Sync tells you. You could try that and see if that helps?"


"I just paired with my Motorola Backflip (Droid),
I couldn’t type the 6 digits fast enough so I used the 4 digit 0000 PIN.

BUT I had to get SYNC to display the 0000 PIN before it would pair.
I used the up/down arrows (I think, might have been the tune knob) to get SYNC to change the 6 digit PIN to 0000."

The 0000 worked for me.