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This is a discussion on Interested in your complaints within the Motorola Backflip forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; Originally Posted by gdeadfan Will rooting also enable us to get rid of or at least disable all the AT&T bloatware? Yes it will...

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Thread: Interested in your complaints

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdeadfan View Post
    Will rooting also enable us to get rid of or at least disable all the AT&T bloatware?
    Yes it will

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    Quote Originally Posted by luke31 View Post
    1) The fact that it won't be rooted, primarily because of a lack of support in the community.
    2) 2.1 is coming out in a few months (so no missing features for a while).
    3) Occasionally, the phone can get slow.
    4) Battery life isn't that great.
    5) Can only install non-market apps via a computer.
    6) Lack of Google search widget is getting slightly annoying now.
    7) Loaded with very annoying and useless AT&T bloatware that tends to slow down the device.
    Luke pretty much nailed it. Getting it rooted will take care of 3,5,6 and 7. The OTA update will take care of 2 and 4. Of course by then other 2.1 androids will be out on AT&T, but this may still have the best keyboard. I can't WAIT for a ROM. There isn't a single included app I haven't found a better version of in the market, including SMS, browser and media player.

    OS updates are improving batt life, but andoid isn't very good for that. 5 streaming news channels, 3 networking apps, GPS+wifi enabled, and running 10 tasks in the background will do that.

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