Rooting for a Noob

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Thread: Rooting for a Noob

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    Rooting for a Noob

    Ok so feel free to jump in on this one.. I revived a PM about what rooting meant. I sanitized the message to keep everyone anonymous .

    I came up with this simple analogy that could help people understand the term ROOT.

    the Question

    "rooting a phone let's you control everything within the phone right? Or am I mistaken?"

    My Half baked answer..

    This is a bit of a stretch but picture if you can..
    You have just purchased a building...

    The Previous owner gives you the keys ans says not to worry I will maintain the Fusebox for you, you never need to look at it. He locks the door and keeps the keys. (Backflip) He knows the state he left the box in and it will run exactly to plan..(Short of bugs in the system) It will give you exactly what you want Electricity. Every Year he goes in tinkers and sets things straight (New Release) to keep things humming right along.

    You can purchase appliances that plug into the system and run them no problem, Hower if you have a non standard Appliance (At&t List of apps they don't want you to have.) you will need to run new Wires to the Fusebox. The previous owner tells you that is not possible, it's dangerous, and will effect the performance of the system.

    What everyone is trying to do is pick the lock on these "Closed Doors" so they can wire up there Jacuzzi or run 3 phase power into there house. Most normal people are happy to not know or even touch there fusebox, others need to push it.

    Those that Push it tend to live a bit more on that edge, so rooting there phone is no biggie. There is the risk (Mostly Low if process has been out for a while.) that when you root a device you brick the device. Most of the phones that have been rooted by now seem mostly stable, but there is that bleeding edge where people over-clock and get apps resetting or calls dropped.

    So just depends who you are and how much risk reward you are willing to Take.. Me I just put in a 100 amp sub panel in my garage, and I can't wait to get my phone rooted.


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    Haha. I think I'm going to put a link to this in my sig.
    Credit goes to for my avatar.

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