Regret getting Backflip (rambling)

This is a discussion on Regret getting Backflip (rambling) within the Motorola Backflip forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; well, i haven't even downloaded like 6 apps since i got it, make sure to close the internet the right way and what not. just ...

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Thread: Regret getting Backflip (rambling)

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    well, i haven't even downloaded like 6 apps since i got it, make sure to close the internet the right way and what not. just seems like the memory is being eaten up by something over time

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    If you dont mind doing a little work to it you can make it run smooth. I have mine to the point that the only reason I would like to upgrade it is I want a bigger screen.
    [ROM] Preclair v1.6 jit/netfilter/swap/ext3/ext4/tun [2.12.11] <- read here
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    PM me if you have questions I am by no means an expert but I have re-rom-ed several times. The latest updates have given a nice boost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draperbr View Post
    So many people are having similar problems. Go to The Motorola Backflip and AT&T Suck | Facebook and tell AT&T/Motorola how you feel. "Like" the page, and demonstrate to AT&T they can not just turn their back on their customers.
    Yeah, because nothing will get ATT or Motorola's attention like resurrecting a 5 month old forum thread or posting on a silly Facebook page.
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    i don't experience this either. I had a iphone. and i would rather have my backflip anyday. I phone sucked up to much battery, And
    I took it back 3 different times.

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    Still stuck here with my Backflip. Even after the official 2.1 upgrade, the phone is still terribly slow and unresponsive. Most of the time, when I tap "contacts" it will take 5-10 minutes for all the contacts to load and show up before it even thinks about letting me scroll down the list. Often times, when navigating through contacts and text messages, the phone will just display a black screen and the only way to get rid of it is to hit the home button... but then, of course, I'm unable to open contacts or messages. After opening some menus, the touch screen won't even respond (to scrolling or tapping) until 10 or so minutes later.

    I honestly think this phone would work better if it was flushed down the toilet. Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can take it into an AT&T store and complain about it... I've definitely got my eyes set on an HTC Inspire, though.

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