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This is a discussion on Welcome to the Motorola Bravo Forum on ATTDroids! within the Motorola Bravo forums, part of the Motorola Android Phones category; I'm not sure what email app I'm using.just the one that says email. It will let me see new messages but not folders and no ...

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Thread: Welcome to the Motorola Bravo Forum on ATTDroids!

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    Still need yahoo access

    I'm not sure what email app I'm using.just the one that says email. It will let me see new messages but not folders and no way to send new mail. Whenever I try to send a new email it always goes to gmail. Is there an app that will let me actually open my yahoo
    account instead of just see recent ly received email? I really want to keep this phone but I HAVE TO be able to open my yahoo account.

    Thank you for the multitasking tip. I knew there had to be a way to do that!

    Uhoh. I just got told to wait 15 secs between posts so I have no idea what I just posted on accident. Sorry if there are two replies.

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    I recently switched phones to the Motorola Bravo and for some reason, the error ' "process com.android.settings" stopped working -> force shutdown' keeps popping up. I went in and reset the phone and that didnt help. I have no idea why the error pops up, or what to do about it. Any suggestions/solutions would be awesome!

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    Consumer Cellular did a study to determine what smartphone to offer its customers, and it picked the Bravo. So, being an old fart, and wanting to upgrade to something newer and more advanced, I bought two. Bad call.

    What they don't tell you - and what NONE of you said in your posts - is that the phone has Motoblur integrated into the OS, and you can't use the phone without activating an account with Motorola. When I went to investigate, I found out I would have to supply Motorola with some private, non-published personal data as a part of the registration process. I found out Motoblur also wanted me to supply it with my Facebook, Twitter, email and other account information. All of this is used by Motoblur - and backed up to Motorola servers at whatever interval Motoblur decides. I talked with some folks at Consumer Cellular about the testing, and found out that, even with almost all of the activity shut down, Motoblur took about 20Mb of data and some 50 minutes of time on the Internet every month. I checked out what protection I have that Motorola will secure my data and found out that their Privacy Policy doesn't cover Motoblur activities: they can do whatever they want to with the data on their servers - YOUR data.

    I did not buy a Bravo phone to become a slave to Motorola's OS and expose my personal information to misuse. Whose phone is it - Mine or Theirs?

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