Motorola Defy owners, you are second-class citizens no more, as T-Mobile’s latest OTA software update will infuse your devices with a fresh Froyo taste. Unfortunately, the 112MB upgrade won’t free you from the shackles of MOTOBLUR, but it will bring some staple 2.2 features – including Adobe Flash compatibility, WiFi hotspot capabilities, and faster performance – as well as some Motorola additions, such as a task manager and LinkedIn integration.

As the topping on the cake, it appears that all DEFY owners are now able to get the update, not just those lucky enough to have been included in the first "stage" of the roll-out. To obtain it, either wait for a notification or go to "About phone" in Settings before choosing "System updates" and tapping "Download."
Froyo is no spring chicken at this point, but it’s still nice that T-Mobile and Motorola are no longer forcing users to live with Éclair. Now how about some Gingerbread?

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