I only recently got this phone and went and upgraded to Froyo 2.2.2 without really knowing what I was doing, and now certain apps are having connectivity problems (like whatsapp and facebook for android) whereas others are perfectly fine. I've also noticed the system updates checker says that "Check for update is not available at present, please try again later" (which is what it says for most things), even though I know there aren't any more updates available for the phone anyway. I've chatted to a guy with the same phone as me who also updated to 2.2.2 but said he had to send his in for a firmware upgrade before things started to work. I'm not sure whether it is my android OS and/or phone interface software or it is the apps themselves. Most were working fine before I updated. Can you guys suggest anything? I don't particulary

System version: Moto_version.34.3601.7.MB525.Retail.en.SEA18
Build number: JEM_3.4.3-36-1.7