[ROM Tools] Team Get~R~Done D2G Rom-er Tool - a tool toConvert D2 Roms for use on D2G
From this point forward, I"ll handle all the D2G_Romer updates through this thread. This way I won't have to bug WoZzy at all hours to update the links just because I got a wild hair and updated it.

After learning a lot through trial and error, messing with several D2 Roms, I came up with this handy "tool." I've been using it to test ROMs. After flashing the D2 Rom of your choice, flash this update to "convert" it for use on the Global. This tool allows any D2 Rom to be run on the D2G (don't quote me on that, I haven't personally tried them all, but so far every one has worked). Before trying this out, please become familiar with the known issues.

Obviously use this tool at your own risk, neither I, nor any other member of Get~R~Done are respondible should you brick your phone.

If this is your first time installing, download the following two files to the root of your sdcard along with a D2 rom of your choosing.



Installation Instructions
1. Reboot into Clockwork Recovery
2. Create a nandroid Backup
3. Factory Reset/Wipe Data/Cache
4. Choose install zip from sdcard and navigate to the D2 Rom that you downloaded earlier.
5. As soon as that completes, choose install zip from sdcard again and flash the D2G_Romer.zip
6. When done, reboot your phone, hopefully, if all went well, you will not bootloop, I haven't...yet.

If you have already flashed a previous version of the D2G_Romer.zip just download the most recent version above as well as the D2G_Sensor.zip and do the following:

1. Reboot into Clockwork Recovery
2. Choose install zip from sdcard and flash the most recent D2G_Romer.zip
3. When done, reboot your phone.

Known Issues
1. The sensors still cause sleep/wake issues and as of v5 are disabled by default. The D2G_Sensors.zip is essentially a toggle. If sensors are working (and your phone is rebooting everytime it tries to sleep), flash D2G_Sensors.zip to disable them. If your sensors arent working (no auto rotate, and your phone will sleep like normal) flash it to enable them (and help me figure out what the problem is).

2. build.prop will not report your rom as whatever you've flashed. It will say it is D2G Rom-er. This is because the tool is generic. I really didn't feel like making a seperate tool for every D2 Rom just so build.prop will report correctly. This easily fixed by manually editing build.prop from root explorer.

3. Some roms (Apex in specific) do not include all of the system apps (Apex happens to be missing a phone.apk). If you format system prior to flashing a rom like that, you wont be able to make calls. For this reason, the instructions above only recomend a factory reset/data wipe.

4. [Fixed] Bluetooth was broken, but was fixed with v3, unfortunately v3 broke some scripts for those of you trying Liberty. This was fixed with v4.

General Warnings
I flashed a rom that would not let me boot back into Clockwork recovery (gummyjar). As of now, I don't know how/why that would happen so be careful, and do not do this unless you are comfortable using the SBF released by TBH.

Before you flash any rom, be certain that it doesn't include the D2 kernel or Radio files (I'm not aware of any that do except maderstock and that's for the X). A D2 kernel on the D2G could mean a brick, and not the SBF cureable kind.

v1 Released 2-11-2011
v2 Not released
v3 Released 2-12-2011 - Fixed bluetooth and Global Data, but broke Liberty custom scripts
v4 Released 2-13-2011 - Fixed Custom preinstall scripts.
v5 Released 2-13-2011 - Slightly smaller file size, automatically disables sensors, fixes some obscure adbd issues.