Here's a one-off for you folks. Last week I made the OTA transition to Ice Cream Sandwich, 6.7.246.XT875 with no problems "except" of my Bluetooth devices continually drops and re-links. It's the Motorola Elite Sliver which had not shown that tendency under prior OS (as much). Checked out battery charge state for both the earpiece and it's clam shell charging base...full charge. It makes initial connection and gives a readout of power condition with no problem (over 5 hours). After wearing for a half hour, begins to break and then re-make Bluetooth connectivity almost continuously. There is zero to very little communication going on through the earpiece at that time. The earpiece I had purchased when I first got my Bionic is the Motorola Command One which does not display that break-make-break-make tendency. Once it's linked, it sticks. I like the option to verbally indicate command to answer or ignore calls that the Command One offers. The Elite Sliver is a newer, higher level Bluetooth yet seems to be failing in operational use. It does not have the "Answer/Ignore" feature, but is a 3.0 level device. Any ideas?