So i ordered one of these basically as soon as it was available, i was super excited to get it. I had a shipping issue which i will explain in a second but for now,all good praises for Case-Mate

This thing is perfect, i in general hate cases, ive never found one i like and they always just add to much to the phone. I like to carry as little as possible on me at any time,seriously.. my phone,id,credit card and keys... thats it.
So this thing is absolutely perfect. It doesnt add to much bulk to the phone and it looks great.I couldnt be happier with it.

The first one they sent, IMO was stolen by the mail man... he claimed he dropped it off,but the tracking info showed that he attempted to deliver it and took it back to the post office. The supervisor at the post office looked for it for a week,and said it should be there. When they finally gave up i emailed case mate and told them what was up and suggested they fix it... i was a bit surprised when they immediately sent out another one. It went out on monday,todays wed and i have it.

Thanks Case-Mate
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