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Thread: Best Skins Ever -- My opinon

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    Best Skins Ever -- My opinon

    I recently purchased a full body protector from BSE for my Nexus One. Price was affordable, shipping quick, and the product fit very well. I think it's one of the best options for someone who wants to protect their N1 but not use a bulky silicone or hard case. Unfortunately for me, I also purchased a dock with my N1, and it's a such a snug fit that the BSE skin wouldn't allow my phone to dock peroperly, I'd sort of have to 'wiggle' it in to place to have the contacts mate.

    No big deal, it was ten bucks or whatever, I decided I wasn't overly concerned as I use the N1 included neoprene sleeve; I removed all the the BSE material from the phone, except from the battery cover where it didn't seem to interfere.

    I left the screen covered for a couple days, and have since removed that as well. I don't think the material choice is proper for a screen protector. For the body it's great having that sort of soft touch rubbery feel, but the screen protector should be made of something hard that feels like glass, something I cant leave a permanent mark in with my fingernail.

    Another little frustration was just how the edges of the BSE protector felt on the body itself. When I would run my finger off the screen and on to the bezel you feel a very pronounced edge between where the screen protector ends and bezel protector begins.

    The "Orange peel" effect of the rubberized plastic never really goes away, even after the product has fully cured. It was always very visible both on the screen and body.

    After removing the screen protector, I tried to wipe the screen clean with a microfiber cloth; unfortunately for me and anyone else who used the BSE products, the adhesive seems to have etched the glass in a way that it doesn't look nearly as good as it did when it came out of the box a few weeks ago. There are smudges and strange streaks that I cannot wipe off, and if you look at the glass at the right angle, it looks almost as though there are dried watermarks underneath the surface of the screen. Very strange. On top of that, the seemingly permanent residue that the BSE product left of the glass is an unbelievable attractor of finger grease; I can run my finger across the screen and it will go nearly opaque if looked at in bright light.

    It's not the end of the world, the phone is still perfectly usable, it's just frustrating to know that the product has really left it's mark, something I don't think will go away anytime soon.

    Anyways, to sum it up:

    Price: 10/10
    Fit: 9/10
    Feel: 7/10
    Body Protector: 8/10
    Screen Protector: 5/10
    Removability: 3/10

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    There shouldn't be ANY residue with the skin.

    From the sounds of it, you probably used too little or too MUCH fluid when applying the skin.

    The problem with BSE is that they don't supply you with the fluid, and expect you to make it yourself, which opens LOTS of possibility for error.

    I have been using BSE skins, but I had the little spray bottle of fluid from my Skinomi skin protectors, and I used that with my BSE. I have removed one BSE previously, and there was no residue or alteration to the feel of the screen.

    The current BSE screen has been on my screen for almost 2 months, so I'll report in how it is once I remove it.
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    What would you recommend for the application solution in the future? I just used a mild mix of soap and water as instructed by BSE.

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    best skin:

    The bestskinever for me is better than zagg skin. I try an other cheep skin on ebay and it was better and a lot of cheaper then zagg.

    I found that zagg was the worst skin similar to orange skin, bad touch like rubber, bad friction (the rubber feel was a little bit sticky) and the worst price than ever.

    Best skin, like the cheaper skin on ebay have no spray and no fashion pocket but were more usefull. No orange skin a very goor friction and were not mouch expensive.

    I try the zagg only because on net some body say was the best but not for me.
    I hope this notice was usefull for some body.

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    i applied Best Skins on my Nexus S.
    The fit is very good. There is an orange peel effect, but only when looked at an angle and when the display is off....when actually using it, looking at it straight on and with the display on, the peel effect is negligible.
    I dont mind the rubbery feel...but then, its my first smartphone and put the protector 5 minutes after getting the phone so i have never really experienced a raw glass feel...
    I am quite happy with Best Skins product.
    hopefully i dont get that problem jono20 described after removing it...that would really suck.

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