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Thread: Nexus One Credit Card Case

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    Nexus One Credit Card Case

    I just got my Case-Mate credit card case yesterday and wanted to give my impression on it. I bought the black one.

    Here is the link
    Nexus One ID Credit Card Cases, Google Phone Cases by Case-mate

    I have always been a fan of Case-Mate since they come with screen protection and always seems to be high quality and fast shipping. I absolutely loved their cases for my BBs.

    This case is perfect for me since I just need my keys, phone, credit card and ID. I don't use a wallet so this was ideal.

    The case is nice, but there a few minor issues with it. The first issue I have is that the edges seem a little sharp. Especially around top and bottom. Instead of a smooth feel all around, there seems to be excess plastic on the case from when it was molded. It is not horrible and may only be on my specific case, but I am not sure.

    The second issue I have with it... the case makes it a little harder to get to the volume and power buttons by feel alone. I think this is a temporary issue and I just need to get used to the case, but it seemed a little weird when I put it on.

    The last issue is a minor one... This case does not feel as nice as the one I had for my 9700. Now, I had a different type of case, but I expected it to be of the same quality. The quality is not bad, just not as nice as the one I had previously.

    Now the good points...

    It comes with a microfiber cloth and screen protection. The screen protection is great and the cloth is a nice bonus.

    It will fit 2 credit cards (maybe 3 if you try) which is nice and maybe a single piece of cash. Their products are well packaged and shipped quickly.

    It has a smooth feel to it, not rubbery... that is a plus to me

    So overall I would give this case a 7 out of 10. The case is $29.99, but comes with the screen protection and the cloth. I like having my phone protected and my essential items tucked in back. I think this is perfect for someone that needs basic protection, with the added convenience of the card slot. I don't think this case would protect the phone from a massive spill though. The hybrid case looks more like the rough and tumble option.

    Anyways... my impression, hope it helps.

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    Great review.
    I bought the ID case too. Had it for about 2 weeks. I usually kept my phone in that black sleeve and this is the first case I ever bought.
    I really like it since I don't have to carry my wallet. I don't have the sharp edges you mentioned. The screen protector that it comes with is nice and clear. Well now the screen protector has a few big scratches and at this rate, I may need a new screen protector in 2 months.
    Some cons: The case will provide only minimal protection from droppage. I did notice that the speaker volume is kinda low with the case on. Losing the phone would be a nightmare because I would also lose my ID and credit card. I was thinking about getting the car dock and it will be a hassle to remove and replace the case everytime I put the phone on and off the dock.

    Overall this is a great case and I would give it 8/10 because it serves its purpose.
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