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I was driving the other day, 45 mins and had the navigation running. I get to my destination and walk around for 20 mins. Look at my phone and the battery meter is orange... anyone have trouble with their phones not charging while navigating?

Even when plugged in. the 45 minutes was slowly discharging your phone. Add in the 20 minutes of full-on screen/satlink after that, and I think orange would be expected.

MAH - yes I am using the cable that came with the dock.

Alpha - so you are saying even though it's in dock with the power cord hooked up, when you arrive at your destination you should expect your phone to die? I would think since it was being "charged" while using GPS it shouldnt slowly drain your batter... at least that's what I would hope.
The combination of the screen full-on, and GPS powered up, will exhaust your cell faster than it can recover from being connected and charging with your auto dc charger. Even worse if you're using a third-party auto charger that may only put out 500ma.