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Thread: Bracketron Car Dock Review (Short)

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    Bracketron Car Dock Review (Short)

    I have the Seidio Innocase II on my N1 and it didn't make sense to me to take the phone out of the case each time I wanted to mount it in the car. I didn't need the extra features that the Google Mount offered, since I usually use the phone for music first before gps. I know I didn't want a window mount because of personal preference, and the fact that the suction could separate at anytime and my phone would go flying. I wanted a vent mount for sure. I wanted something not too bulky and something that allows me use the phone vertically or horizontally. So, I was at Radioshack the other day and I picked up the Bracketron Grip-iT Universal Holder for $20. No complaints. Everything I wanted. Sturdy. Doesn't rattle or move. Open bottom allows for charging. Usable with aftermarket cases. Ok I'll shut up and let the pics do the talking now. Link to the product here: Bracketron : Mobile Grip-iT Universal Holder

    And for fun my Honda Fit

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    Nice review! Great job!

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    Thanks Jiggawatts!

    I've been looking for an alternative to the Google car dock, but I'm always afraid I'll buy something and it just won't work properly with the N1. For 20 bux I'm going to get this, it's exactly what I need and the price is right

    Ummm.... who thinks the first pic of the holder looks like an Android??? LOL

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    I picked up the same holder at Fry's although it's a different brand (forget which). I use a dash mount from proclip to hold it rather than the vent mount so it's a little more study and less prone to flying about the cabin in an accident.

    The only complaint I have is my hybrid swivel mount which attaches the holder to the mount is loose so it swivels around a bit when I don't want it to, but poor engineering on my part.

    I was impressed with how adjustable this holder is - since the curved arms slide open and closed as well as in and out you can adjust them to hold a phone or a larger item (GPS) without any trouble and still have them avoid pressing any buttons.

    The only complaint I have about car docks in general is having to connect all the cables. It would be nice if there were a way to wire the dock so I just put the phone in it and it automatically is connected to charger and stereo.

    It would also be nice if you could set apps such as Pandora and Google Maps to automatically exit if the phone is un-docked.

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    I've had the Bracketron for a couple months and have no huge complaints... There is a slight issue that when tightening it you have to watch where the volume button is, as it can hit the volume down button unless you slide it up (or over) enough.

    Also, if you use it in landscape, which I always do, and also push it all the way back to the backing typing can be difficult on the lower row, especially with a swyping type keyboard. I've adapted, but I imagine people with larger fingers than I will have bigger issues with this.

    I've found that the prongs on the bottom/side help with crappy car chargers. I bought a couple car chargers for about 4 bucks, but they won't always charge unless you put pressure on them while plugged in. The prongs help apply that pressure and keeps it charging.

    despite my small issues with it, It was worth the purchase. I was considering getting the Google Car dock, but can't really justify the price when this thing works so well.
    Rooted Nexus One

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