I recently purchased the Seidio Innocell 3200mAh Extended Life Battery for the Google Nexus One. On the battery box it says the battery life will increase after 5-6 full charges (or something like that I don't have the box with me at the moment).

I already let it charge with the phone's power off for 12 hours before using it the 1st time. I'm still on that charge over a day later with very heavy usage, the normal battery would have died a long time ago. I'm pretty impressed already. But I can supposedly get more battery life out of it after "5-6 full charges".

Does the "5-6 Full Charges" mean that I should let the battery drain completely, then fully charge it again, 5-6 times, before I can freely plug it in and charge it at any time to get the best performance possible out of the battery?

I ask because with the battery life so long already, making it drain completely and charging it again completely 5-6 times is quite a daunting task. Also, while I have never looked up this information to confirm it, I have heard in the past it is bad for rechargeable batteries to let them run until they are empty, but I have read on this board it's a good idea.

Thanks for the help!