Nexus One stock charging dock?

This is a discussion on Nexus One stock charging dock? within the Nexus One Accessories forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by gonzo13 They don't ship to Canada. I had to get mine (BNIB) off eBay. Ended up being about $75CAD after shipping. ouch, ...

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Thread: Nexus One stock charging dock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo13 View Post
    They don't ship to Canada.
    I had to get mine (BNIB) off eBay.
    Ended up being about $75CAD after shipping.
    ouch, if CAN$75 seems not worth?! It just a dock with charging...

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    Alternative dock

    Have any of you tried this dock?
    DealExtreme: $18.52 USB/AC Battery Charging Dock for Google Nexus One
    And how did you like it?

    I fear that it will crash the USB-input because the N1 will tilt that much!

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    I have the stock oem charging dock and have found that I would have liked if it actually used the usb port to charge instead of the 4 pins on the bottom. Reason being, the 4 pins charge when they come in contact with the dock, but nothing holds the phone in place.

    I have found that while using the phone in the dock to check a txt or email, it is not stable as it is sitting on top of the connectors. If it actually had a usb connect, at least it would be a lot more stable.

    I have seen a few after market docks that use the usb connect to charge, but the drawback there is that the screen doesn't go to the clock screen automatically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingod View Post
    . For those who have it, do you think it is worth?
    I use mine all day. Have it on my work desk wired into my 7.1 Onkyo stereo. I love it. I use all the features except maybe the the gallery slide show.

    I also have a second doc on my bedstand and use the N1 as a clock/alarm.

    Worth it? I thought it was pricey at first, but after you've spent the money and forget about the price, it's all good.

    I've never had a problem with it not being stable as SEVEN40iL mentioned. I just learned how to tap when doc'd.

    I don't think I'd like it to connect to the doc via USB. I connect the N1 to my car's stereo via USB every day (to play MP3 and for NAV) and fear that the USB jack will eventually become loose with over use.

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    It's worth every bit of $60. The bluetooth feature alone makes it worth it. When I set up the BBQ in the back yard I just open the upstairs windows, move the dock and speakers into it, connect to bluetooth and take my phone out back to use as a remote control for my tunes! It's awesome!

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