Okay I'm new, green horn noobie new, but I've been cruising the threads here and I think this is probably the best N1 community I've come by

But my question. I have a BSE protector on my phone, as of recently I wanted to replace just the screen protector (I have the full body) because of lent that has stuck to the top because I misaligned it the first time I put it on and just decided to live with it until now and because it's bugging me.

I started to peel off the BSE in the upper left corner all was going well until I felt a "pop" and the bse pulled off what seems to be a clear coating, or a thicker layer, that may or may not have been on the origianl N1. I thought I was peeling off a layer of plastic or something that was covering the original glass! So i immediately placed it back over, re wet the BSE, and the screen in that corner looked funky in color, now the next morning it looks close to normal, but now the BSE is insightly in that corner because of the peeling I did the day before.

Did I in fact peel off a plastic layer that was over the LCD or part of the outside layer over ther LCD? Responsiveness is normal.

Thanks for any reassurance or help. Now I really want to get the BSE off because it looks insanely rippled/orange skin looking in that corner