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This is a discussion on Nexus One compatible stereo headphones within the Nexus One Accessories forums, part of the Nexus One category; This is a repost, because all the other post have been spoiled. I am asking a question about _Specifically_ Nexus One compatible headphones. I am ...

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Thread: Nexus One compatible stereo headphones

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    Post Nexus One compatible stereo headphones

    This is a repost, because all the other post have been spoiled. I am asking a question about _Specifically_ Nexus One compatible headphones. I am not asking about bluetooth, or any other limited version headphone. You can get general headphone reviews anywhere, this is a compatibly thread, emphasis on N1 3.5mm compatibility.

    People want to know about headset that are compatible with the N1 headphone jack. That means they should provide the same features as the headphones that come with the N1. It should include next, previous, play, pause, and mic, at the very least. Any extra features such as volume control are welcomed. Sound quality reviews can be found in more general professional reviews and forums. Compatibility is what matters in this forum.

    Please do not poison this thread with suggestions of headphones that are known to be non-compatible. All bluetooth should be more or less compatible and is not relevant here. all regular 3.5mm headsets will almost always work with audio.

    I have heard that Zaggs Z-buds may be compatible, can anyone confirm this? What about Sennheiser CX 980i? Are there any good adapters that may be coupled with other headphones to enable a good solutions? People are looking for compatible solutions and ideas, expensive or cheap, in ear over ear, doesn't matter. Some people have said that any ipod apple headsets work, but most specific apple i* products appear to have been proven non-compatible.

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    Klipsch Image S4i

    I ended up going with the Klipsch Image S4i.

    What works:
    pause, play, next, mic, and audio
    What does not work:
    previous, and volume (as expected)

    While the mic, pause, and play work well, also double click play/pause will get you the next song, triple clicking play/pause does not get you the previous song. So, one out of three buttons functions. The other two buttons are volume and I did not expect them to work, as they don't. The only function that does not perform like the original headphones is previous. Next is done using the same button as pause/play with a quick double click.

    The audio quality is, of course, great once you learn how to violate yourself properly with these headphones. It took a while to learn how to wear them. The cords really are expected to go over the ears, it is not really clear from the literature. If you revers left and right you don't have to wear them over the ear, and they wont stick out a mile. Because of the fact that they violate your ears (they penetrate the ear canal and act as ear plugs), they sound great with big bass. The down side, you don't just stick them in your ear, and take them out repeatably, it requires more commitment then on or over ear headphones, and don't plan on hearing a thing until you remove them. You also don't want to share a plug with a friend, unless you are a sick b***.

    Off topic N1 + kd-avx77 car head unit:

    I recently purchased a jvc kd-avx77 single din car head unit / dvd player. I was set on pioneer, but in the end the jvc is a better unit, especially if you don't want something that insist on being ipod centric. The unit is awesome! The bluetooth works perfectly with the Nexus one (phone, audio streaming, and will use it as a USB hard drive). It works with or without the optional N1 car doc. Just set the N1 not to send phone or audio to the doc, then it will consistently use the head when in range. The audio quality (music and phone) is surprisingly great! And the pairing is strong between the two.

    I have several option to get the audio to the head unit. It was intentional to have many options as I did not intend for streaming music over bluetooth as the primary audio source. However, when I compared flac or oggs over bluetooth, the audio is comparable to the original sound when playing the same song from a cd (yes the jvc will play CDs too). There is a small difference in how the 12" subs hit, but the difference is extremely subtle not to fuss, especially during the normal commute. You can plug a usb drive into the jvc head unit and it will play wav files, tagged wav files also, but nobody knows how to tag wav files (and I have no interest nor own any mp3s). Anyway, when I figure out wav tagging, and find a 160GB solid state USB drive, I will likely quit streaming via bluetooth and just use the USB, and bluetooth only for hands free features:nexusx:

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    Skullcandy makes very good headsets for smartphones. I picked up the Ink'd & bTitans and am very happy w/ them. you should check them out .Ebay has good prices

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