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Thread: Nexus One Case Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by WERA689 View Post
    I love my InnoCase II. I don't carry it in my pocket, though. I use the belt clip, but I love the feel of the's still very smooth, with just enough texture to grab hold of. I don't really know how to describe it beyond that, but to say that I've yet to drop this thing (knocks wood...), and I'm constantly unclipping and reclipping it throughout the day.

    The only time I've considered changing cases, was to consider the new add-on kit for it; which I'm still considering.

    I went ahead and ordered the Innocase Rugged kit for the Nexus One with Innocase II, and, while it certainly bulks up the phone, it most certainly adds a BUNCH of protection! The included holster has a locking mechanism in the spring clip, that the Innocase II holster does not have. I'll be using the Rugged every time I ride my bike! It is a bit much for every day, though, I think.

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    wow. that's crazy that no one has even mentioned the case-mate for the nexus one. its amazing and is a good, cheap, reliable alternate to the otter box. i got mines when it was on sale for 12.99 after shipping but i think its like 15 bucks now.

    check it out. i got the black on black because the blue one seemed to girly for me.

    i would rate it about a 9/10
    its very sturdy and easy to grip. you get a silicone layer on the inside and a flexible hard plastic cover over that. it does get kind of lint friendly on the silicone parts when in your pocket but nothing like a wipe will help that. and its really really really easy to get out of your pocket cause on little parts of the silicone are shown under the plastic. the whole back of your phone is covered and the corners are too. it also comes with a screen protector kit with a wipe for it. (the little tab that was suppose to be on the sticky part of the protector was on the wrong side, so i called case-mate and they sent me 3 new ones, that's right i said it 3!!!! new ones." i was like wow. gotta put a good review up for that cause that's awesome. and also they shipped my case to me in like 4 days and next day for the 3 extra screen protectors.

    Nexus One Cases, Nexus One Tough Cases, Google Phone Cases by Case-mate

    all in all. it was one of the best purchases i have made for my nexus cause i felt all dirty inside once i tossed it on my bed and it bounced then hit the floor, leaving a little scratch mark on the corner. from then on i knew i had to get the case. and i got it when it was on sale so that made me much happier. and case-mate people are very nice and easy to talk to if you have any problems.

    heres a video.


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    I think the Seidio Innocase II is hands down the best case. Very thin in comparison to other cases. Yeah of course it adds a little bit of thickness, but not bulky at all. Plus I think the Nexus One is so thin as it is, the case makes it feel a little more secure in my hands. I love how you can slide it on and off with no problems. A lot of the other snap on cases I've had broke when I tried to take them off. They seemed to be a very cheap plastic material, where as the Innocase II is very durable and has the great outer soft rubber texture. I am personally all about fit, non-bulky, and easy to remove when it comes to phone cases. Innocase II was well worth the buy for me. This is coming from someone who has went through numerous cases, then had the Ghost Armor full protection installed on my phone. After about 6 months, I took it off and went back to Seidio. Ghost Armor was a rip off.

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