whats the best case and screen protector?

This is a discussion on whats the best case and screen protector? within the Nexus One Accessories forums, part of the Nexus One category; Originally Posted by ewan2010 ZAGG. Full phone screen and cover. Made from military grade plastic. It was originally designed to protect the leading edge of ...

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Thread: whats the best case and screen protector?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewan2010 View Post
    ZAGG. Full phone screen and cover. Made from military grade plastic. It was originally designed to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades and has a full lifetime guarantee. Full case for about 15. Brilliant
    I disagree with this. I've used both a Zagg Invisible Shield and a skin from Best Skins Ever, and BSE is better than Zagg in very way, shape and form. Much more reasonably priced (<$10) and works better IMO.

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    Seidio innocase is the best case for the n1 an as for as usin it with screen protectors get some from clarivue mine didnt lift or bubble with the innocase

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    I'm a fan of OtterBox cases

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    I'm considering getting a bodyglove snap-on case for my nexus. It has a detachable belt clip that also haa a stand, you can have the phone upright on your nightstand in either landscape or portrait. Amazon.com do it.

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    I have tried MANY cases and screen protectors on my Nexus.

    Cheap plastic snap fit ebay cases:
    Never actually fit, would have to be FORCED together over the nexus, an there would still be gaps around sides of the cases. Not worth the 7-10 dollars at all.

    Cheap Silicone or Plastic "Resin" cases:
    Fit nicely, felt good in the hand, but there wasn't molded buttons on the volume or power rockers. Really irritated me, and made me worry that they were putting pressure on teh buttons and would wear them out. LOL.

    Seidio Innocase Surface:
    My first GOOD quality case. They fit nicely over the phone. Open button holes were perfect for my fingers to find and push easily. My only qualm is that for what it is a plastic sliding 2 piece case, with a thin velvet sticker on the back, $30 is a bit expensive. However, the case indeed kept my Nexus safe through many drops. If you do wanna buy one of these, make sure to check Amazon and Ebay because you can find them for much cheaper with free shipping.

    OtterBox Commuter Nexus Case:
    My most recent, and most favorite case! I still was iffy about having a silicone underlayer because it can collect dust and stick in pockets. But I found a friend on XDA that sold me a lightly used Commuter for very cheap! The case has a silicone underlayer which is molded EXACTLY to the nexus. It has large protruding buttons that are molded for the buttons under, and so they don't slip when pressed and you can still feel the *click* of the button. The plastic shell has a good deal of grip to it, but still makes the phone easy to slip in and out of even tight pockets. It is a BIT slippery in teh hand, but the silicone covered bottom and top assures you will keep hold on the phone.

    USB and Headphones have a rubber flap that keep it closed when not in use. I actually love them. They are sturdy and still shut seamlessly in the ports even though i charge my phone every night. The case has a lip around the front, so when face down on a table, the trackball does NOT touch the ground. Overall, the buttons are my favorite part about the case. Very easy to press!

    I'll say a few words about screen protectors I've used:

    Skinomi WetApplication Shield:
    Very nice, was a bit more expensive about $17.99 for JUST the screen cover. Came with instructions, spray bottle and cloth/squeegee. Very easy to apply, i got some lint under the screen, but there was very little orange peel effect, and it added a bit of a "rubbery texture" to the screen, which i liked because it make typing more tactile.

    Zagg WetApplication Shield:
    Almost identical to Skinomi. I'm almost positive that the majority of "wet application" shields are from the same manufacturers. Same as skinomi except different packaging.

    BestSkinsEver Wetapplication:
    BSE is my favorite, because they are VERY cheap for the exact same skin as Zagg or Skinomi. Only difference is that these come without packaging in a evelope WITHOUT any spray or squeegee. They are only about 6 bucks for a screen which is VERY affordable. They have great customer service, when I received a screen with some marking on it, they quickly replied to my email, and sent me a new one for free.

    The majority of the wet app screens companies have a "lifetime replacement" on their screens, meaning if you take off your screen you can get a replacement for free. BUT you need to send them back the OLD screen, and pay shipping which totals about 4-6 dollars both ways. I only buy my screens from BSE now, so its not honestly easier to just order a new one.
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