I bought a couple of cases from them and had a pretty good experience.

I bought the black crystal in the glossy black variety, clear and smoked. The case is flexible, but it keeps it's shape like a hard plastic case. I wanted this type of fit because I had a hard plastic case from the same company and it was damn-near impossible to get off when I had to pull my battery one time.

I paid $8.99 for one of the cases + free shipping (coupon n1forum). They do have some on sale for less.

So far, after two orders, I'm pretty pleased. The second order did take a day longer than the first to have processed before it shipped, but I knew from receiving my first order that they were small time but customer service oriented.

Shipping took 3 days both times. I'm in VA, I think the company is in Jersey.

Fit's perfectly. It's not too tight like the hard plastic cases out there, and it's not loose at all, nice and snug. Protection wise, not the best. You basically get outer case protection, and I would imagine that it's not as good as a hard plastic case. I bought the glossy black, clear case, which I thought would be a dust and finger print magnet, but it's not too bad.... for dust that is. It does get smudges, but it's a case, I'm not too worried about it.

Overall - 7/10 Good buy for the price. You can get free shipping using the coupon code "n1forum" at checkout.

Check them out - cimousa.com