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Most free apps are under 1MB, so you got space for some houndred apps on your phone. But 512MB? don't forget that the apps that were on the phone when u got it takes space too and that means that your phone have 200MB or something when you set it up.

I am really scared of using all the space for apps. I am deleting apps i don't need even if they are under 100 kb. I don't want to use all of my space. I had that problem on my old phone. the MicroSD on that one was 512MB, i used almost all the space. Thats one of the reasons i changed ^^
A really good app to use to keep track of your apps (how much space you are using) is "Mini Info". You can place it on your homescreen as a widget, and it shows you battery life (not just in chunks like the default, but as %, so you see 85%), internal memory used and remaining, and micro sd memory used and remaining.
Mini hijack.
Just got this app after reading your post. Love it. You can also uninstall apps and Do a lot more. Love my n1