Hi People,
I am having a problem with the default email app for my yahoo and verizon accounts. I have verizon dsl at home so that makes my yahoo and verizon email accounts pop accessible.
Here's the problem, when I set up the accounts on the phone, they work for a couple of days and then just don't want to work anymore. When I remember, I send a test email to them and sometimes they come in in a few minutes, some times they come in a day later or not at all.
I checked the account settings, they are right. I just don't get it. Right now, I have 4 emails sitting in my outbox and they won't go. The phone tells me "Connection error"
Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your help and replies.
P.S. My boss has same phone and he uses his default email app for his gmail account with no problems. Also, I have tried that K-9 email and couldn't get that one to work on any of my email accounts period.