Not sure if anyone using 2.2 and also Astro File Manager and have similar problem as me.

So I use Astro File Manager daily to backup apps, browse files etc. But ever since I gave up my Hero and use N1, often time I go into the backup folders and will see some .apk files without their proper thumbnails. They used to be there when I was using Hero. I double checked the settings of AFM and made sure all cache is being stored on SD card, which I never touch them.

And when I go to App Manager of AFM, some of the apps dont show the thumbnails too and some apps, when I click on them, it doesnt tell me the file sizes, the app name but only shows me the "file name" as the "App name". Not even version numbers.

So I had to bring over the SD card back to Hero and browse thru those apps and build the cache again. Annoying.

Anyone has the same problems as mine?

P.s. I am using Launcher Pro (not sure if it makes a difference anyway)

Any solutions?