This was a message I received from the Scripting Language for Android (SL4A) forum and wanted to forward on to the Nexus One forum users.

Watch the SlideShare URL he sent to get a better idea of what this Ruby based tool called Broadcast does.

It has some VERY cool possibilities for your Nexus Android phone.

> Hi All,
> I recently released an open source Ruby Project called Broadcast. It
> uses SL4A, JRuby, and Sinatra (a lightweight ruby web application
> framework).
> Broadcast makes some of the Android API accessible over a web
> interface, allowing for remote control and remote monitoring.
> Features include remote -- camera surveillance, location tracking, remote text-to-speech and remote file management.
> The source code is available on github here:
> I also gave a presentation on the project recently, and slides are
> available here:

> A low-quality screenshot is available here:
> Note that the app is still alpha-quality software; I haven't tested it
> extensively on different devices.
> Please have a look the project, and if you like it, feel free to feature it on the project page.