I LOVE IT!! It even recognizes generic brand items! It has not failed me yet! Keep up the Great work Google!!!
Google Goggles (free) is an ambitious Augmented Reality (AR) app that uses your Android smartphone camera as input, then tries to match the captured image with relevant search results. When you see something interesting, such as a restaurant or a landmark, and decide you want to know more about it, you can whip out your Android phone and snap a picture. Google Googles then goes to work to serve up information about the restaurant or landmark, often however, with very mixed results. But when it is used properly, Goggles can be quite useful.
- Innovative use of camera
- Search results based on pictures
- Great for scanning easily identifiable objects
- Location based search results
- Contact info scanning from business cards
- Photos need to be in focus and avoid glare
- Business Card contact info scanning is spotty at best
- Not really Augmented Reality