PanoPlanet is now available as application.
For those who don't know the LiveWallpaper, it's a Panorama viewer based on a stereographic projection.

It takes an equirectangular panorama as input and displays it on the screen.

The features :
  • custom distortion
  • load images from the sdcard or a server
  • save the render on your sdcard (up to 1.5x the screen resolution)
  • rotate with the device's sensors
  • pinch zoom
  • bookmark manager for the server part
  • and more ...

A review on youtube :

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a07kf99uhFE]YouTube - PanoPlanet Standalone App and Live Wallpaper Update[/ame]

Some screens :

It's available on android market for 1.54

There is also a 'very' lite version for test purpose

Don't forget to rate/comment and if you find any bug, or have an idea for improving the app post them here or contact me by mail.