I had a problem with the latest update with widgetlocker. Only after making or receiving a phone call the ability of using the volume or trackball to wake the phone up instead of using the power button would not work. I would have to use the power button. If I used the web, calender or any other part of device the wake up keys worked flawlessly.
I sent a E-Mail to Kevin the developer who got back to me right away and sent me a link to the older build. My widgetlocker now is working better then ever. My writing this long note was simply to tell how very impressed I was that Kevin would get back to me so fast on his weekend and remedy the problem. I think the app widgetlocker is one of the best apps I have purchased. There is so many variables to this app. The Nexus One has had a history of power button failure. I figured if I could wake my phone up with the other keys it would save me that eventual problem from ever happening.
Thank You Kevin from widgetlocker for helping me out. Great Application.