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Thread: Swype Keyboard

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    Swype Keyboard

    There still isnt an official version out for the nexus yet?

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    No, not yet, but if you don't have the swype beta you can download an app called slideit. It's very similar to swype and the keyboard ui is pretty nifty. There is a free demo version of it that you can try before you purchase.

    I have both the swype and the slideit app, and there's not much difference between them. They're both awesome and have tripled my text speed!

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    Its weird I still type quicker with the stock keyboard than I do with swype.
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    Lowdown on Swype on Nexus

    Here's the complete 411


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    It's amazing. I can't go back to a regular keyboard now!
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    I finally got swype installed and am more than happy with it. It takes a lil getting used to, but I like this keyboard better than all the other ones I've tried. 2nd to this would be the stock android keyboard (i am quite fast using the two thumb method for txt entry) kudos to the swype team. I hope they release an official app for the N1.

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    i like swiftkey better. swype cant get simple, short words correct b/c of the movement, such as "on" and etc

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    I like SwiftKey, because once it learns your typing behavior I just type from one to three letters and it predict want I want to type.

    I have also used Swype and love it too, but for typing long words it's a bit more complicated.

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    my trial has ran out boo hoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonybhoy View Post
    my trial has ran out boo hoo
    You can update it if it has expired.

    Swype | Text Input for Screens
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