Call Block Unlimited is a convenient app for blocking unwanted callers such as spammers, “private” calls or choose specific contacts in your list, although the latter can be done natively with Android phones by editing a contact and pressing Menu button then Options. Call Block Unlimited can ‘send to voicemail’ or ‘pick up and hang up’. Automatic call blocking for known spammers (list updates daily). Block one contact, ‘private’, whole states, or whitelist all your contacts and call block everyone else.

I’ve tested this on my Nexus One by blocking my home number. When you block a number you have 3 blocking options.

  1. Hang Up Call. This will “answer” the call and immediately cut the call off. This will prevent your caller from getting to your voicemail.
  2. Silence Phone. This will silence your phone for all calls from your specified number
  3. Send to Voicemail. This will send your unwanted caller straight to your voicemail but will enable them to leave a voicemail message.

From my tests, it works perfectly and I now have a few numbers who will be cut off on attempts to call me. The only small issue is that your phone will ring for about a second (mine does) but Call Blocker swiftly does its magic and does your call blocking deed.