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    Top Useful Apps

    Please let us know your top useful apps and explain what they do. All apps must be functional, no games please.

    Android System Info - gives you info about your system, like battery remaining, ram, SD and phone storage remaining, build, and lots of detailed technical info.
    App Lock - you can password protect apps you don't want others to access, like Gmail, SMS. The key pad automatically pops up unlike other application password apps I have seen so far.
    Astro File Manager - very nice file manager.
    BackCountry Navigator - nice and simple navigation for offroading, hiking. Easy to download maps right from your phone. Cost $10.
    Backpacker GPS Trails - Useful for hiking. From backpacker magazine. Lots of trail maps and info and pictures since it is affiliated with backpacker magazine. Cost $10. Quality not that great though. OruxMaps seems like a good alternative. It is free and seems pretty good, though I haven't checked it out in detail. If you hike it is worth having a GPS with trails. Very easy to lose your way without it sometimes.
    ColorDict - best free dictionary I have found so far.
    Documents to Go - cost some money, but worth it to get a quality office software.
    First Aid Assist - First aid app reviewed by British Red Cross. If you keep forgetting how to do CPR this is the app for you.
    HandyCalc - I almost never use it but it is a very powerful calculator. Graphing, scientific, ect. If you are a math person you might find it useful.
    Keeper - I use it to keep my credit card numbers, credit card contact info, checking numbers, and dl number. Very customizable so you can keep any important numbers you want to keep protected. Has self destruct, not sure what it is but seems very secure.
    List Master - best checklist I have found. Use it to keep my shopping list, to do list, travel checklist, camping checklist. Very easy to use.
    Metal Detector - real metal detector.
    News and Weather - basically the first thing I do when I wake up. I think it comes with the phone but if you don't have it I recommend it.
    PicSay - For edit pictures. I use it mostly to make a dark picture brighter, but you can do artistic things with it as well. I think it may also allow you to put text on the picture.
    RealCalc - the calculator I use most often. Very easy and simple, big keys, but no fractions, and old school type. If you know of a better one let me know.
    Scanner Radio - you can listen to police scanner from all over the country.
    Ruler - haven't used it yet but might come in handy.
    Scree Mode Widget Lite - gives you a widget that you can use to turn of auto lock, and even keep the screen on indefinitely, will only turn off when you push the power button or deactivate it.
    Speed Test - from Gives you your download upload speed.
    Thinkorswim - need a thinkorswim account, but awesome app for getting market info. Excellent charts.
    Voice Recorder - by Mamoru Tokashiki. Don't use it much but good to have.
    World Time Lite - give you the time from different places in the world.
    WiFi File Explorer - useful if you want to quickly transfer a file. But for multiple files you have to zip them first.
    Task Manager - I think task managers are not allowed to kill tasks as easily as before, so I don't use it as much. Before I could just press the widget button and all tasks would be killed. Now for some reason I have to kill and app from the app itself, or force close it manually.
    Springpad - decent for keeping notes.
    StopWatch and Timer - self explanatory.
    ConvertPad - great app for converting units.
    Compass - self explanatory.
    Nexus One LED Flashlight - lets you use the led light without rooting.

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    Ultra Keyboard is a Nice alternative to Swype with Theming options including a Create a Theme option. I recently started using it and its pretty cool so far.

    Check it out

    Ultra Keyboard - Cyrket
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    I love being able to select the apps that most fit my lifestyle, and I think they are all top notch. However, the one I find the most useful would have to be Tasker. (Tasker for Android)

    I have been able to replace a few apps, freeing up needed space, with this one app because it can do almost anything. It's a little confusing at first until you get the hang of it, but with so many users on its forum willing to help, it soon becomes one of the most needed, useful, can't live without it apps you will ever own.

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