Google Translate is one of the best online translators for people to use when they are browsing the net. It can translate entire pages into your language of choice or just help interpret that chat you are having with a friend from a different country. Well now Google has released the app for the Android Market and translations have never been easier. Users not only can translate text to or from another language, but they can also hear that translation spoken to them. Using Google’s speech to text feature, the app can efficiently translate your spoken word directly to spoken word in another language. The app’s interface is extremely simple and it is very simple to input what you need and get a translation immediately. Just pick your starting language, then pick the language you would like it to be translated to and the app will do the rest. On many occasions already this app has been a great way to quick get a word to Spanish or translate one back in my personal life. It almost always gets the translation correct and with speech to text incorporated, it is a definite grab. Like almost all Google products, the app is available in the Android Market for free. So check it out and get translating.